Block heating power works

After the principle of combined heat and power

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Block heating power works - the alternative

The principle is similar to the large heating stations:

Where once the heat was simply blown into the air, it is used nowadays.

The speciality hereby is that the heat or electricity is produced at the same location where it's used.

Therefore long transport distances and with them high power losses are saved.

Advantages and gain

The acquisition of a block heating power works for the private as well as for the industrial sector has a lot of advantages:

  • less power consumption
  • reduction of primary energy demand by reducing electricity purchases
  • less CO2 emissions
  • better energy efficiency through the use of mechanical and thermal energy
  • efficiency of our block heating power works is up to 90%
  • on-site production: generate energy where it's needed
  • independent, e.g. on power failure or increasing electricity costs
  • government-funded (depends on your state)
  • climate protection